The Horniest Episodes Of Xena: Warrior Princess

Alex Cranz

It appears improper to rank the horniest episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. The reveal came to be horny and died horny. It dragged pre-teens screaming and kicking through puberty. It provided all of us types of kinks involving bondage, fabric, and mad ladies screaming “Gabrielle! ” It absolutely was additionally a touchstone show for queer ladies who saw one thing far beyond platonic friendliness in most of Xena and Gabrielle’s shared bathrooms.

Besides Red Shoe Diaries there have been shows that are few the ‘90s as unabashedly intimate as Xena. However some episodes are hornier than the others, and sometimes ( not constantly) the horniest episodes had been the most effective episodes too. Since April 16, Syfy happens to be airing each and every bout of the fantasy that is beloved and you might end up planning to tune into a show that we, without pity, will state harbours the most epic love tales place into the display.

As Jill rejected my plan that is original to record each and every bout of Xena (it truly is that horny) we have actually put together a listing of probably the most exceedingly horniest episodes. Unless otherwise noted they are additionally among the better episodes of Xena and also the many well well worth your time and effort if you opt to be a monster and just tune into the sporadically marathon.

Period 1

Sins for the last (Episode 1) The pilot that starts with Xena simply stripping down seriously to her underwear and beating up sex slavers. Additionally she and Gabrielle meet that is first Gabrielle is into her.

Chariots of War (Episode 2) the main one where Xena is shot with an arrow and it is uncomfortably breathy as being a dad that is single it after which they think about banging.

The Reckoning (Episode 6) the main one where Ares attempts to get a handle on Xena and she somehow ultimately ends up being whipped in sluggish movement inside her underwear.

Prometheus (Episode 8) usually the one where most people are basically right and Xena and Hercules are apparently in love and attempt to save yourself Prometheus while Gabrielle informs a dying Iolus he’s her soulmate and additionally they fortunately never ever reference these romances once again.

Hooves & Harlots (Episode 10) Amazons.

Mortal Beloved (Episode 16) the main one where Xena’s ex, Marcus, dies and she travels towards the underworld to save lots of him and you will find CGI monsters while making outs.

The Greater Good (Episode 21) usually the one where Xena seems to perish and Gabrielle kisses her corpse and dresses as her to get rid of a warlord with seltzer water.

Callisto (Episode 22) the main one where Xena’s nemesis that is best, Callisto, kidnaps Gabrielle and also rocks a really S&M costume and Xena tells Gabrielle in regards to the time she unintentionally murdered Callisto’s town which will be distinctly unhorny, then again Gabrielle hugs and conveniences her which will be pretty horny.

Can there be a physician inside your home? (Episode 24) usually the one where Xena delivers a centaur infant and Gabrielle dies up for grabs so Xena needs to re-enact the inhale scene through the Abyss as well as its the very first time she’s ever actually shown exactly how deeply her love for Gabrielle is—so it is extremely emotionally horny while it is not physically horny.

Period 2

Girls simply Wanna have some fun (Episode 4) the main one where Gabrielle and Xena become super lesbian vampires with mid-‘90s vampire that is sexy, which means that a large amount of damp locks, pale foundation, and fabric as well as Gabrielle sucks on Xena’s throat.

Return of Callisto (Episode 5) the main one where Gabrielle gets hitched and informs her new spouse she’s “never been with a guy before” as well as kisses Xena, however Callisto returns and Xena must concern if it is ethical to murder Callisto despite producing Callisto.

Warrior… Princess… Tramp (Episode 6) usually the one where Xena and her doppelganger, Princess Diana (unrelated), suffer from a brand new dimmer doppelganger that is also an extremely horny prostitute being manipulated by criminals to simply simply just take Diana’s throne.

Intimate Stranger (Episode 7) the main one where Callisto invades Xena’s hopes and hopes and dreams after which they body switch and…sorry but all fantasy invasions are inherently horny.

Ten Little Warlords (Episode 8) usually the one where Xena, nevertheless in Callisto’s body, needs to cope with another seduction effort by Ares, and Gabrielle’s confusion within the girl she really really loves being within the body of her many hated enemy.

The Xena Scrolls (Episode 10) The one set within the 1940s whenever Gabrielle’s hard-drinking, Indiana Jones-like descendent groups up with Xena’s studious belle that is southern to get rid of Ares from breaking away from their tomb to form teams with Hitler and destroy the entire world. Xena quickly possesses her descendent and Ares and Gabrielle’s descendent are both actually into her look.

Right right right Here She Comes…Miss Amphipolis (Episode 11) Xena, Gabrielle, and a drag queen get undercover at a beauty pageant to learn that is attempting to begin a war. The drag queen is played by adult movie celebrity Karen Dior.

Destiny (Episode 12) usually the one where Gabrielle attempts to save yourself A xena that is near-dead who too busy being in a coma and dreaming in regards to the time she banged Julius Caesar after which he crucified her.

The Quest (Episode 13) usually the one where Xena is actually dead and inhabits Bruce Campbell’s human anatomy then makes down with Gabrielle.

On a daily basis into the life span (Episode 14) the only where we come across a typical time in the life span of Xena and Gabrielle who will be a classic married couple and conspire techniques to end a man’s crush on Xena while additionally bathing together.

Blind Faith (Episode 18) usually the one where Gabrielle is kidnapped (again) to be offered into intimate slavery (again) and a blind xena has got to save her and risk being blind forever. But don’t worry, first thing she views whenever she gets her sight straight right right right back is Gabrielle.

The purchase price (Episode 20) the only where Xena is obligated to embrace her dark past to save lots of a fortress of Athenian soldiers plus it’s not necessarily horny because Gabrielle is attempting to truly save Xena’s heart, but wicked Xena might fulfil a tremendously certain kink for you so who have always been we to guage?

Lost Mariner (Episode 21) usually the one where Gabrielle is rescued by pirates and Xena leaps a distance that is truly incredible be regarding the ship together with her which actually is captained by Cecrops—as played by Tony Todd, that has been cursed by Poseidon to call home forever rather than join their spouse within the afterlife. Additionally, there’s a horny that is old who provides Gabrielle squid.

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